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This is Noolan

NOOLAN, founded in year 2000 by designer Marja Rak, is a sustainable lifestyle brand and manufacturer of fashion clothing and accessories for women. Its timeless design inspired by Nordic landscape and 100% natural materials - linen, felt and wool – provide a unique look, luxurious comfort, premium fit and long-lasting quality minimizing environmental burden. Noolan’s prêt-à-porter collections contain year-round available garments and accessories that are designed and produced in Finland.

The Noolan Philosophy - By Designer Marja Rak

The word Noolan means the Nordic sea breeze in the local dialect of the Finnish Ostrobothnian coast where I live with my family. For me, Noolan is the roughness of the Finnish landscape, high blue sky, the sea and beaches whipped by wind, rough and bare cliffs – and also - the morning dew in the open fields, a scent of pine tar, seaweed, autumn storms, snow and all the four seasons.

In the world of Noolan less is more, and we can surround ourselves with peaceful natural colors and pure organic materials that provide us harmony, timeless elegance with premium quality, fit and comfort – and an outstanding looks! We can also finally move away from the unnecessary fashion consumption and minimize environmental impact through our choices.

With Noolan, you truly can enjoy your favorite garments for years, then come back and find more models to complete or renew your style. The choice is yours! Wearing Noolan is like breathing the Nordic sea and sensing the pure nature around you with all the four seasons of the North!

The Noolan Crew

Tuija Pundars
CEO, Sales
+358 40 525 8040
+358 6 7244 110



Marja Rak
Head Designer, Sales
+358 50 589 0095
+358 6 7244 110





Noolan Studio

Noolan, Finland

Noolan administration
Pietarsaarentie 24, Campen

Noolan Shop
New shop opening in Pietarsaari in May 2018!

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